We believe you can be the most effective in business through effective partnering.

Our focus is working with you over the long term, so you can proactively manage your business.

Traditional values

At Lawfield, we uphold the traditional values of the legal profession and we believe in excellent legal advice. We keep our knowledge up to date and ensure you get the best advice for your circumstances.

We believe that as a profession we have a duty to provide our services to people who need them, regardless of their means. We do that willingly and to the best of our capabilities as part of our allegiance to the community and to uphold one of the traditional obligations of the legal profession.

‘Top 4’ experience

At the senior level, Lawfield’s experience comes from partnership roles in successful law firms. This experience allows Lawfield to offer clients a level of expertise and experience that is usually not available to medium and small business.

Practical advice & fees

Medium and small businesses need to be prudent with their legal budget. We aim to be accessible to our clients and provide ‘Top 4’ firm advice with smaller fees.

We are also focused on working with you over the long term to ensure you can proactively manage your business. We willingly invest in getting to know you and your team; asking how your business works and what the business strives to achieve. Our advice is most effective if we are involved in the early stages of your projects so we can minimise your risk whilst maximising your strengths; ensuring all activity is legally compliant.

This is why we offer alternatives to time based billing.

We provide a range of fixed fee services so you know your exposure up front. We can fix fees and offer retainer arrangements for projects to suit your needs and your budget. If you prefer an hourly rate, our rate includes GST and all minor disbursements (less than $100).

We encourage you to contact us early to deal with issues while they are small and easy to solve. We do this by not charging for the first meeting, and by not charging phone calls under 10 minutes. This way you can get quick advice at no cost, to help you out of trouble.

If you would like us to work on a big transaction or project, we will agree a fee with you beforehand based on its size and complexity.