Lawfield believes in business and the benefits that it delivers to the community – goods, services, employment and participation. We understand what it is to believe in a business and pursue a dream, and we aim to help medium and small businesses turn their dreams into reality.

We understand property and we can handle any issue to do with property that a medium or small business will encounter. We believe in the Australian dream of owning your own home so we support land developers, builders and others in the construction industry. We support the role of developers in making the best possible use of land or property and the importance of contract agreements, negotiation and settlement.

We recognise the importance of the resources sector to our state. In particular, the manufacturing and service sector companies that support mining operations and benefit from insight and experience within mining, oil and gas. We are interested in the engineering systems that deliver energy to Australian households and overseas markets through export. We appreciate the regulatory and contractual frameworks that exist around these systems and how to effectively navigate towards solutions.

We believe in retail and the support small businesses need to grow into long term viable retail enterprises. We appreciate the importance of getting it right from the start in respect to leases, business structuring and partnership agreements. We understand that retailers service shoppers and we understand the highs and lows of sales along with the impact of overhead costs such as leases and operating expenses.

We support the Australian agricultural industry as a fundamental part of our national identity. We acknowledge the importance of the agricultural sector to our national economy along with the growing demand in our agricultural outputs and the complex environmental, economic and social challenges that our farmers face. We can advise on rural land transactions, business succession planning for farming businesses and other legal issues for rural businesses and operations.

We also believe in free markets and competition, so we have a strong interest in competition law. We can advise any small or medium business on the labyrinth that is the Trade Practices Act and on dealings with the ACCC.

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